You’re Doing Your Tile & Grout Cleaning Wrong

Apr 21, 2020 | Tile & Grout Cleaning | 0 comments

So, you spent your day scrubbing away at your tile and grout with a toothbrush – with no results to be seen. What a waste of time! If you’re not seeing results, you’re probably doing your tile and grout cleaning wrong. Here’s why: 

You’re using the wrong cleaner

A lot of times, people will use bleach on their floors because it can make your clothes white and bright, so why wouldn’t it make my tile and grout white and bright? Well, that’s not the case. Any cleaner containing ammonia or bleach shouldn’t be your go-to when doing your tile and grout cleaning. This can end up causing discoloration and damage to the grout due to the harshness of the chemicals you’re using. 

When trying to find the right product for your tile and grout cleaning, try to stick with something milder that doesn’t contain ammonia or bleach in the ingredient list. To those who constantly use a cleaner like bleach, the grout will eventually turn grey. 

You’re scrubbing too hard

It makes sense to scrub something harder to make it cleaner, but not in this case! When you are doing your tile and grout cleaning, don’t scrub too vigorously. Scrubbing too hard can chip away at not only the grout, but the tile itself. Over time, this can cause the tile and grout to weaken and eventually need replacement. All you wanted was to do your tile and grout cleaning. Don’t let all that hard work end up biting you in the butt. 

You’re relying on D.I.Y home remedies

We’ve all seen those promises on social media posts about how if you do this “one thing” your grout will look “brand new.” Yeah, right. While these promises sound great, the end result is usually never like the ones you see in the photos. DIY Remedies that include vinegar might sound like a good idea because it’s all-natural, but it can be extremely harmful to tile and grout cleaning

A professional tile and grout cleaning is your way to go. As a professional, they know what is safe and what isn’t for your floors. You want your floors to continue looking beautiful, so make sure to call the experts. 

Spending all of that time on tile and grout cleaning is a lot of hard work! You don’t want all of that effort to just be a waste of time. At JL Cleaning Solutions, we know just the right T.L.C your floors need.  Contact JL Cleaning Solutions to schedule your tile and grout cleaning today!

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