Disinfecting Service for your Peace of Mind

Disinfecting Service for your Peace of Mind

A Professional Disinfecting Service for the Health of your Business

As a business owner during this trying time it is more important than ever that you don’t have any more obstacles or surprises disrupting your operations. But do you know what you would do if one of your employees tested positive for Covid? Would it cause you business to shut down? How long would it take for you to sanitize without a professional disinfecting service?

We’re Helping our Neighbor’s Businesses get Back on Their Feet

With our disinfecting service you can give your employees and your customers the much needed peace of mind to know that your business is safe and that you value their health. Our thorough and all encompassing disinfecting services can get you back to business in a timely manner, we don’t need you to shut down for a couple days, we only need a few hours of your time. 

The healthy Way to Clean

Are you worried about the chemicals involved in a disinfecting service? You don’t need to! Our process is simple and quick, and our disinfecting materials are safe for you, your employees and your customers, so gentle and harmless that it’s even safe to use around pets and children. The disinfecting service is so gentle that it is even safe to use on a single piece of paper, it doesn’t drench surfaces but still removes 99.9% of germs and bacteria! 

That’s because the disinfecting service and solution we use is a mist. Using a misting method we’re able to reach all surfaces areas and the mist clings to surfaces going to work immediately to remove 99.9% of all germs and bacteria. Trying to simply wipe everything down by hand would take more time with less consistent results. 

Have Peace of Mind with our Disinfecting Service

Our cleaning service gives you the reassurance to know that your business is safe and clean, and being able to provide that same reassurance to your customers is paramount these days. We created our disinfecting solution and service for times such as these, when your regular cleaning routine just doesn’t cut it. Remember that using a disinfecting service every few of weeks or once a month even is a great investment to help keep your business safe throughout Covid.

Get the best service, the reassurance of a healthy business environment, with the fastest turn around!  


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