Disinfecting Service for Your Home Or Office

Disinfecting Service for Your Home Or Office

During this CoronaVirus pandemic, all of us are now aware of just how fast things can change and how the world can basically feel like it’s been flipped upside down. To ensure your health and safety, you now take sanitizing your home or office very seriously – even more so than before. 

At JL Cleaning Solutions, we understand that your family, friends, and employees’ health is important and we now offer a disinfecting service to sanitize your indoor spaces.

What we use:

If your weekly cleaning just won’t cut it this time, it’s time to look into a more thorough clean so you can feel protected. When you choose to sanitize with our disinfecting service, you can feel confident knowing that 99.99% of viruses and bacteria are being removed from your home or office. 

If you’re worried about the disinfection process – don’t! It’s a quick and simple process using a disinfectant mist that is safe for you, your family, your employees, and even pets. It’s even safe on a surface as gentle as a piece of paper! Your disinfecting service can ensure you a safe clean and will protect the health of those around you. 

Our method:

What does our team do to protect your home or office? We use a method of sanitizing through disinfectant misting. This method of misting helps to reach every bit of surface area in any given space. It’s hard to wipe everything down by hand and it can be super time intensive! Our disinfecting service is a quick and easy way to sanitize your entire building. This can help to eliminate the spread of bacteria and germs, helping to prevent another person from getting sick. 

Remember that it’s important to note when a family member or staff member shows flu-like symptoms. You don’t want to wait until another family member or employee gets sick to start disinfecting! 

 In this uncertain time, you never know where germs or viruses could be lurking. It’s not only important to remember to keep yourself safe – but also to keep the ones around you safe as well. Keeping your home or office clean and virus-free is more important now than ever, and our disinfecting service can help you with that!

At JL Cleaning Solutions, we are here to help you with any interior sanitization help you may need! Contact us to ensure a safe and healthy home or office!

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