How To Maintain Your Carpets After a Carpet Steam Cleaning

You just paid to get your carpets cleaned and now you want to know… What should I do after a carpet steam cleaning to maintain my carpets? Your carpets will only continue looking great if you take care of them. 

Here are the best tips to keep your carpets looking fresh:


Yeah, yeah… We all hate this chore, but it is necessary to keep those carpets “company’s coming over” worthy. Make sure to vacuum consistently and often. After a carpet steam cleaning, you want to avoid the build-up of dirt and dust in the carpet fibers, because that can give off a very messy look. Weekly or biweekly vacuuming will do the trick. Vacuuming also removes dust and particles you may not even see that may be building up in the fibers.

Clean spills and messes quickly

Don’t cry over spilled milk! Make sure you clean it up, though! One of the biggest mistakes people make is leaving messes and spills behind. If a spill or mess occurs, make sure it’s taken care of as soon as possible. The longer a mess is left to soak into the carpet, the harder it is to remove. Your carpet steam cleaning makes your carpet look spotless and clean, so make sure you clean those messes as soon as they happen. 

Blot spills, don’t rub

You know you’ve heard this before from your mom about a million times. Blot, don’t rub! When a spill or mess occurs, it’s important to blot it out so you aren’t spreading the stain out and making it worse. Use a clean towel with water and blot away, and try to avoid using harsh chemicals in order to preserve your carpet’s integrity and your home’s air quality. If the spill ends up staining, talk to a carpet steam cleaning professional to figure out your next step. 

Take shoes off at the door

Your shoes take on the whole world and who knows what sticky, dirty things they’re walking over all day. Don’t let all that grime end up on your floors. Make sure to kick off those shoes and either switch into a pair of house shoes or even just go au natural… No shoes! After you get your carpet steam cleaning done, it seems like a waste to bring all that dirt right back into your home again. So leave those shoes at the door. 


Maintaining your carpets after a carpet steam cleaning might sound like a chore, but it will leave you with carpets looking like new. At JL Cleaning Solutions, we know how important your carpets are to you. Contact JL Cleaning Solutions to schedule your carpet steam cleaning today!

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