VCT Stripping and Waxing

VCT Stripping and Waxing

VCT stripping and waxing is a deep cleaning process specially designed for flooring composed of VCT, or Vinyl Composition Tile. 

VCT is formed by PVC (polyvinyl chloride) chips that are compressed together by heat and pressure, then rolled and cut into tiles. It’s the standard flooring solution for high-traffic industrial and commercial locations such as gyms, cafeterias, and stores. It’s the popular choice because of its wide range of colors and textures, and high level of durability.

Because this flooring tends to experience a lot of wear and tear, regular stripping and rewaxing is recommended. This keeps it looking its best and also helps get the maximum lifespan out of it.

To begin the process, the old wax is stripped from the VCT tile. Over time, dirt and residue become embedded in the wax, which regular cleaning methods like sweeping and mopping won’t be able to remove. A wax stripping agent is applied to the floor which begins to soften and break down the wax coating. A buffer then removes the wax – this is a multi-step process, as the wax comes off in layers.

Once the wax is stripped, the exposed tile is cleaned thoroughly. Fresh wax is applied to the clean tile one layer at a time, to prevent clumping. Once set, VCT will look like new and be ready to stand up to the day to day traffic once again. Regular mopping with an appropriate detergent will help keep VCT looking great between stripping and waxing sessions.

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