Carpet Steam Cleaning: The Healthy Choice

Carpet Steam Cleaning: The Healthy Choice

For many of us, we can’t imagine a home without carpet. Something about that plush fabric floor covering beneath our feet brings together the comfort of home. But anyone who has ever had carpet in their home knows first-hand the abuse that it can take! We trample on it with dirty shoes, pets roll to and fro on it, and it takes on all manner of soiling during its lifetime. 

Considering the activity our carpets see on a daily basis, it makes sense that it might need a more thorough cleaning that our vacuum cleaners can handle. If you do a Google search of the options available for carpet cleaning, you might be shocked at how many methods are out there. JL Cleaning Services proudly promote our carpet steam cleaning service. But professional carpet steam cleaning is merely one of many other options out there. We will explain why our method is the superior choice for homeowners.

The Process of Steam Cleaning

Formerly, the most popular method for carpet cleaning was shampooing. In theory, it would seem like the best option. However, prior to the 1970s, the compounds found in carpet shampoo cause residue build-up on carpet fibers that is sticky or foamy – not exactly a pleasant sensation to have underfoot! And that residue only leads to debris building up on the carpet at a quicker rate. Though modern carpet shampoos are formulated differently, they are still less effective than hot water extraction.

The modern hot water extraction method removes soils that shampoos leave behind. The machines used in hot water extraction simultaneously deposit a mix of heated water and detergent that dislodge and dissolve soil and debris. The machines then extract that water and detergent out of the carpet. 

We begin our cleaning process by moving furniture out of the way and then thoroughly vacuuming the area to pick up any dirt and loose debris. We then apply a low chemical cleansing solution to loosen stains. After the appropriate application time has elapsed, our cleaning machines remove the solution and stains with it!

Our method is free of harmful chemicals, eco-friendly and quick drying. And with professionally trained staff on the job, you’re guaranteed a quality job, done right the first time. 

The Benefits (for You and Your Carpet)

We cannot emphasize the added benefits of professional carpet cleaning enough. Regular, thorough maintenance can greatly improve the appearance of carpet, helping it look like new again. It also helps extend the maximum amount of life in it as well.

But the most important benefits are for your health. Considering all of the elements your carpet comes in contact with, all of those fabric fibers become magnets for the pollutants we track in and out with us every day.

Professional carpet steam cleaning eliminates pollutants. More than just dust and dirt, carpets are hot spots for pet dander, dust mites, cockroach allergens, and particle pollution, just to name a few. When the carpet is disturbed, all of those particles become airborne. Even those who don’t have typical allergy symptoms can still suffer health issues from this particle pollution.

Florida residents are no strangers to high humidity! In environments such as ours, mold growth is a common concern. Carpets are not exempt from this concern! When moisture is introduced into dirty carpets, mold can quickly develop deep in the carpet and padding underneath it. Professional carpet steam cleaning not only kills any mold and mildew growth but can help prevent future growth. 

Freshen your carpet, and your home! Contact JL Cleaning Solutions today to schedule your carpet steam cleaning service.

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